October 12, 2014

About Us


The Forward Step Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization brought to life in October 2006 but legally registered in May 2013. It was born out of the need to engineer a community space bent on revitalizing itself through constructive application, as well as catering specifically to the needs of the community’s youth. This initiative is piloted by Miguel ‘Steppa’ Williams through his multi faceted approach for a solid social development. Known to the populace as ‘Steppa’ for his exploits as a Dub Poet/Performer, Teacher, Lecturer, Motivational Speaker Youth Development Specialist and Producer, Steppa has seen it as a necessity to establish an entity from the people for the people. On this mission Steppa is motivated, not only by the negatives of the time, but by the positives embodied in the spiritual-cultural movement he embraces from the Rastafarian way of life. Driven by the Rastafarian Royal Creed ‘Let the hungry be fed, naked clothed, sick nourished, aged protected and infant cared for’, The Forward Step Foundation has discovered solace in its community family, Gregory Park.

The Foundation with the determination of its core Directors and a judicious group of supporters has now become the step towards development for the community. The foundation remains loyal to the social needs of the area, paying special attention to the younger and older generations. The team is a solid and dedicated one consisting of individuals from the grass roots of the Jamaican society who have been marred by struggles and lack of opportunities. The Foundation with its strong initiative was in 2008 presented with the award for committed service to the Portmore community by the Joint Portmore Citizens Association and more recently in 2012 was honoured for its committed service to the Gregory Park community.

The Foundation’s initial location has been 34 Dennis Avenue, Gregory Park, P.O, St. Catherine but has now expanded to 80 Cottage Drive in the said community, this to facilitate its strategic evolution.

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